Did he mean it or is he lying?

So my ex and I started talking again, after 7 months of no contact, about four weeks ago. after the first week, I asked him why he got back in touch and he said he'd been thinking about me over the last few months and that he wonders where our relationship would have gone if he focused more on us than this one friend of his who took advantage of him. We agreed to fix our friendship before pursuing a relationship. It went well and a week later we were back to how it used to be, flirting, teasing and talking about our common interests.
We hung out a week ago, and then he starts telling me about this girl at work and how he talks to her every now and then, he added her on facebook but she hasn't responded to his messages and how he thinks she's basically telling him to ask her out already (They haven't even exchanged numbers yet, and their eye flirting and 5 seconds conversations at work were happening right before he got back in touch with me) Confused, I laid it all out and told him i though we were going somewhere and I asked him if he could blame me for thinking that. He said he couldn't blame me for thinking we were going towards a relationship and that he's sorry and he didn't want to hurt me and that's why I was hearing about this now.
So I asked him about us, what was going to happen. He said he didn't think we would work, even though the only reason we didn't work last time was cause of his ex-friend who stood in our way last time. I then asked him how he felt about me, he said he had no romantic feelings for me, but I noticed every time 'romantic feelings' came out, he avoided my eyes. I have a gut feeling he's lying, but I have to ask, is he? How can you think of your ex for so many months and say about seeing where things would go if you focused on us more, and not have feelings for them? Also, is this girl leading him on? I think she would given him her number by now (over a month of them eye flirting and talking) if she was interested.


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  • I would literally punch him in the face, turned around and never looked back. He means it, forget about him. He got in touch with you because some people are just assholes and there is no "why" behind it. Probably he felt guilty and he needed you to forgive him in order for him to move on. Please, just tell him to fuck off. Save your dignity.


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