Where did I go wrong?

so i'm in love (or i think i am) with this guy, and he likes/loves me back.

we liked each other for 2 years and he's always there for me and he hangouts with me everyday at school. most of the time, he's with me and my group.
he's sort of bipolar with his signals...

like, at one point he would text me a ton and make me feel happy but at one point he'll barely care and just don't talk to me.

it messes with my feelings and it hurts sometimes.

and this time I don't know.. just yesterday he was telling me i'm everything to him.

lately i've been going through a lot (i found out my sister cuts and i confessed to her i do too and i also foudn out she had an eating disorder,, etc)
and i started crying at school and he saw me but walked away.. then he asked me about it later that day and asked why, and i just said i didn't want to talk about it

and after that day (yesterday) he barely responded, and ignored me and just seemed so careless.

it hurts.. a lot

should i get over him? or just wait until he shows interest again?

few weeks ago he told me he had points when one day he'd like me and one day he wouldn't. but he told me he'll never stop loving me

I don't know what to think


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  • Think positive and stay calm as i think he loves u really, it hapens sometimes that emotions are cold and sometimes they just burst out, u need to have moderate relation


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  • What a mess. Seems like he dosent know what he wants and how to respond to you and your emotions, also the relationship. Communicate with eachother.


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  • He does love you he needs to sort his own head out


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