How do I "get out there"?

So I've always thought that people my age shouldn't be dating. And I never wondered what it was like to be in a relationship. But I was at a school party and I just examined the room an realized that I was literally the only one there who didn't have a boy/girl with me. And I'm officially the only person in my squad that's never been in a relationship. Now I've been told "____ likes you" and "omg he's like staring at you" but they never actually come to me and say "Hey want to hang out?" am I doing something wrong? how I do I get myself out there?
or how do I get myself out of the friend zone?


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  • no... those guys r just shy i believe...:-)


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  • Will get of what the situation or get to be more notice and your questions and story are thrown everywhere I don't understand what your asking for please type on update the whole story and detailed thanks

    • updated the question :P

    • Thanks well did you talked to the guy that has a crush on you or asked the people that know if he does or doesn't it's sample be honest go face to face that's it

      And guys like the fun and funny and kind and smart but wait there is another way to get the guy is

      Be yourself if you act dumb or agree everything or be shy aka not respecting yourself they will not care you will be the friend zone
      if they are talk about something and just giggle and act dumb and not say your opinion they get annoyed just say what's on your mind be yourself around everyone take care of your body

      Answer 👉 they love someone take care of herself say what's on her mind take care of her body and be honest and kind to them and not be oh hold the door for or buy be everything I feel like a broken record 😑

      You what's it's called respect yourself respect your loves one aka your friends and family people that been there for you and respect others period wow I just got headach


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  • I would not even know 😒


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