Interracial Relationships... How to deal with the parents?

I, myself, am opened to dating anyone. Race is not an issue with me. While I do prefer some over others, I love and respect all cultures, even basic American ones. Though I say this, I'm extremely hesitant when it comes to dating outside my race ONLY because of "racist parents" issue. My mother is absolutely fine with me dating others. My dad may find it a little weird but I don't think he'd say much if I really loved the guy. I'm scared of the guys parents though. I don't care what others think as in people in the grocery store or something. But a guy's parents are important. I'd hate to get into a serious relationship, only to be hated by his parents because of the color of my skin. It is something I will never understand. Any advice on how to deal with this? Im terrified.


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  • My mom and dad really never worried about a girls race
    i dated as long as she was a nice girl and that i was nice
    to her too

    • You're are lucky to have such open-minded parents. Unfortunately I live in the south where we all stick to one color and one color only! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜”

    • Aww I'm sorry :( i know people how people can be :(

  • i encouraged my daughter not to date out of her race. It adds a lot of risk to divorce and it isn't just a simple color difference, it is a culture and values difference.

    • Divorce can happen to just about anyone who's not commited to their relationship. I'm sorry your daughter has to grow up and not know all the amazing cultures she could be missing out on. I sort of agree on values, but even that can differentiate within people of the same race. Thank you for your opinion, though.

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    • If the guy was truly great then yes but I would be very wary as some can talk a good game. Stats for instance for a white female and black male are dismal. It almost always ends in divorce, on average after 7 years 2 kids and the woman files for the divorce. So this women are missing something. The number one reason given is that he is "selfish". So a combination like that would be very bad. But I also want my gradchildren to look like me not another race.

    • A friend of mine is biracial and looks exactly like her white grandmother, blue eyes and all. Sure, the hair is thicker and her skin is a shade or two darker but that's about it. Then again, her mother is black and her father is white so.. Who knows? Genetics are crazy. And as far as the black guy thing goes, yeah it is known that most of them don't treat their women the best but that goes for anyone they date lol not just white women! I wouldn't dismiss all black guys as being selfish though. That's extremely silly, even with the statistics. Just like how all Latinas aren't loud and angry all the time. But again, thanks for your opinion. Have a great day. πŸ‘‹β˜ΊοΈ

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  • My parents do not like me dating guys from another country...:( but I think they would not try to stop me though :D

    • What about the different races within your own country?

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    • Bummer! Well, whoever you end up with, I hope your parents take it well.

    • Thank you :)

  • ehm well, im black girl and i know for sure i'd have a really hard time to date a man with racist parents. like how is it even posible? he would be the same, so a no from me.

    • I know quite a few amount of people who grow up open minded to different people despite their parents outlook on it. But I get that there may be some deep race issues that just can't help but be there when you live most of your life having to belief certain things. But it's just like atheist children with Christian or Muslim parents. It can happen

    • Look from personal experience i can tell that an open minded man, from racist environment will have some "moments" even with black girlfriend. I saw it and also i dont want to stand this, what for? also his friends and family will always force smiles and friendly behaviour with you. I dont want that, dont need to see that BS near me.
      So better find someone not racist in all the aspects of his life.

    • Very true. Thanks for your input.

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