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I have been talking to this guy for almost two months. Yesterday he asked my come because he was grilling. When I got there I realize he son was there and I have never meant his son until yesterday so I know that was big of him to meet his son. The time I was there I was hanging out with his son pretty the whole time, and it end up being a good day. When I left this morning he told me to text him after I get off of work so I did, I text him letting him know how my day was and he told me how his day was long but good. I asked him if him and his son had an fun today and he text back saying Kinda, I felt like when he text back saying "Kinda" it seem like he was being short like he did not want to talk so I responding saying Oh okay just wondering and he never text back and that was around 7:36pm I know he has his son because he has him until Sunday but I felt like he did not want to talk to me. I just need advice, does it seem like he did not want to talk to me? Or I am overthinking about everything. If it matter his age is 33 and I am 24.


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  • He may have been busy or tired from his long day. I wouldn't think deep into it because it doesn't seem like something u should be worried about


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