First Date Questions

I want to ask few questions

So first, where would be romantic,fun and memorable to ask the girl out for the first date?

If I met girl on Internet is it ok if I hug her when we first meet?

And for the first kiss (doesn't matter on first date or no) should I just kiss her or should I try to make out after kiss,or if I kiss her should I wait till she starts doing something with her tongue? Or should I just charge?

Is it romantic before first kiss, to put one hand on the hips, brush the hair with other hand or brush the hair between her ear and then kiss her? What do you girls think about that?


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  • 1) Yes, it's ok to hug her when you first meet, that's really nice.

    2)Um, I never kiss on the first date, but I say go for it and just kiss her, if she's into it put ur tongue in her mouth


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