I can't keep my depression in check, and I'm scared he'll leave me?

I was diagnosed with severe depression at the end of last year.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 15 months.

I've been off my anti-depressants for a couple of weeks because I have to pay for them myself, since my Mother refuses to buy them.
The withdrawal symptoms have been making my depression hard to manage, and the only one who supports me is my boyfriend.

He has his own things to deal with, like school, and it's making him really mentally drained. With my depression on top of that, its making him kinda stressed.

I need to find a better coping method than forcing my problems onto my boyfriend or self harm.
What is some healthier ways to feel better?

(If you suggest using ice or elastic bands instead of self harm, or going for a run, I will have to delete your opinion because the first doesn't work and my heart disease doesn't like going for runs. Thanks)


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  • You need to get to roots of why you're depressed at the first place. Is it because of some tragedy thats you faced? Social pressures? Lost someone you loved? Whatever might be the reason... You need to get to the root of it. I can suggest you something if you're open to accept it.

    • I think it's mostly my school stress, low self esteem, and my mentally abusive mother

      What Is your suggestion?

    • I know it sounds ancient. But you need to write down everything that's bothering you. You have to write all of it in detail. make sure that you do write these in papers... And when you're done writing everything. Just burn those papers to ashes and watch the papers burning. Why you're doing this, you ask? Because you're saying goodbye to your suppressed aggression, emotions and frustrations in the most healthy way. After this, you'll feel like a a whole new person. This procedure has worked like wonders for many. I hope this helps you too. I do not suggest medication, because you can't let your emotions be dependent on a drug. Hope this helped! 😃

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  • How about working and getting back on those anti-depressants?

    • I live in a tiny rural town filled with people with vanity problems
      I've put in resumes everywhere but no one ever wants to hire me cause I'm short and look anorexic. I was once told that I'll get hired if I put on more weight. I can't help that my metabolism is fast

      I think hell will freeze over quicker than me being hired somewhere.

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    • @AdalwolfaSorrow, I see your point, fair enough. It's probably like a catch 22 situation too. They need the anti-depressants to work and need to work to get the anti-depressants. At some point though, some initiative has to be taken either in work or in obtaining the medication.

    • I think therapy is better than anti-depressants. They can make someone like a zombie and depends on their age as well. When I used to take them it actually made me think about suicide a lot more. So it's different for everyone, but I think therapy helped a lot.

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  • i have to agree with ice and elastic bands. it doesn't help...
    this is gonna sound kinda crazy but when i really want to hurt myself i masturbate... it releases simmilar chemichals into the brain.
    i also listen to music. lots of music. i play the piano and i play the violin.
    write. i write on wattpad so others can read, i write stories about peopl but i put my emotions into the characters.
    you can message me anytime you need to talk. :)


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