Can a guy really be interested in a girl if he just gotten out of a 4 year relationship?

So I met this guy recently and we hit it off really well

at first when I knew about his recent breakup, I automatically was going to friend zone him however he's showing deep interest in me and is constantly asking me out and trying to get to know me

He mentioned that they are only friends now and they text daily

I'm so confused as to what I should do? i don't want to be a rebound


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  • "They are only friends now and they text daily."
    Oh really? If they were such good friends, why did they end their relationship? It doesn't sound healthy for them to still be texting daily. This love cop smells a rat.


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  • I'm sure you'd feel it if he was treating you like a rebound. Sometimes relationships end for good and that doesn't mean you can't fall for in love with someone else even within a short time period. I ended things with a guy and within a month I was in love again with someone else who I met randomly (love at first sight I tell you). I was smitten and head over heels. So it can happen. It is possible. Go out on dates with him and see what happens!


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  • Sure. He might have been searching for someone before the end.


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