What do I do about my self consciousness?

Well I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and have been talking to this guy for awhile. He is like really cute and in way better shape then I. I have d-cup boobs which he loves and a good size butt. Now my problem is with my stomach. I feel my stomach makes me look less attractive than what I really could be. Then when it gets to my sides I have self- harming scars (haven't self-harmed in 4 months) and stretch marks. How do I become less self conscious about this? How do I explain why I don't want to fully take my shirt off? Most of all what do I do?
Its not just a sex thing its that people tease me because I have a bigger stomach. It has gotten to the point where I had to switch schools. I mean its not bad no more but I can't get the confidence to wear what I want.


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  • just relax and dont concentrate on that stuff. worry about school and friends. dont even think about guys. just do stuff you like and have fun


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