Why dose a guy tell one girl about the other girl he is also seeing but won't tell the other girl?

The guy I am seeing just told me he is seeing another girl while seeing me. but he won't tell the other girl because he won't know how she would react.


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  • If a guy is willing to tell you this kinda crap I hope to god you're not looking for a long term relationship with him. Anyways to answer your question I have no idea maybe he likes to be honest with you because he has been honest compared to her he's likely been lying trying to impress her and doesn't know how she'd act to honesty? Maybe he likes her more and doesn't know if she's really interested and doesn't want to ruin it? Maybe he's trying to get a reaction out of you?

    • She likes him a lot there second date she cooked him dinner. His thing is he said the share excitlley the interest and common. He meet her right after me.

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  • It sounds like he started seeing her first. It seems who ever comes along second always gets the news of the first person they are with, and not the other way around. People fear being alone and knowing that they are being deceitful will likely run the risk of them losing their "primary relationship", which is usually Relationship #1.

    Anyway, the bottom line is you are currently with someone being deceitful and is practicing their lying skills while with you. I'd take this very slowly and not get your heart wrapped up too much until he can get rid of the other girl and just focus on you. Good luck! :)

    • I am the first girl, things started off weird between us. He likes the other girl to. He told me he is on the fence

    • That is just bizarre. Sounds like he's either a little too confident that you'll stick around, or else he doesn't really care if you leave. Either way, you're in for a lot more hurt down the road if you keep it up, allowing him more chances to see other women. That's probably why he chooses to tell you and not her. He's viewing her as a priority not to hurt more so than you. Totally not fair to you! :(

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  • It means it's fair game for you to date other people too.


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