How do I make it up to him?

How do I make it up to a guy who I confused? One minute I say I want to be with him the next minute I'm not sure and then back to I want to be with you.
If I hurt him or he may think like I'm a liar. How do I show him I am the right person for him and remind him of the reasons he liked me in the first place?


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  • sounds to me like you first need to realize exactly what you want especially for a 29 year old woman you should know what you want and not simply be debating constantly because thats how a teenage girl acts.

    I myself can't stand a girl who doesn't know what they wanted and if I noticed a girl who acted like this to me I wouldn't bother and consider them useless and a waste of time because I myself and I know many guys have been in this situation where girls play you and constantly play this game of not being sure or simply just aren't sure and you're stuck waiting and waiting for no results. It's easier to find someone who actually knows what they want.

    Now how can you possibly make it up to him well it really depends, if he's experienced such as myself than he might be thinking exactly what I explained and he might already lost a lot of interest in attempting to want to be with you anymore, the only way to fix that is proving to him you actually want to be with him and if you're still going to constantly be confused as stated if he's experienced he will go somewhere else than deal with the possible drama,

    Now if he's not experienced he might just keep chasing and not even bother or give you a chance.

    • The drama? I apologised. I was emotional. You know what happens once a month for girls. He mustn't be mature enough to realise people say the wrong things. I genuinely want to be with him.

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    • Apparently now he wants to take it slow and get to know each other as friends as I confused the hell out of him.
      Actually. It's his issue if he can't uneratand if I was emotional. I don't need a little boy. I need a man

    • A man would of gotten rid of you, a boy would keep chasing a emotional girl blaming her period as a excuse to be emotional on a touchy subject and basically tell you that they're not sure if they want to be with you or not as I said it sounds like something a teenage girl would do. The fact is he is likely decently experienced and knows that if a girl does this kinda things it's normally head games and no guy wants to put up with that once it happens to them.

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