Is he still interested?

First date - Mon PM
Text - Mon PM (after date, both of us)
Text - Tues AM (by him, I reply-end)
Text - Wed PM (by me, he replies, I reply-end)
Now - Sat PM (haven't received reply)

N & I had an amazing first date. Coffee turned into five hours complete with bowling, stargazing at the beach, steamy make out session. Romantic, constantly laughing, lots of stuff in common, easy conversation flow and never awkward. He alluded several times to wanting to see me again (I'll take you to one of the games! Where's the best place to take a lady to a fancy dinner here? I'll make this dish for you), and said he loved meeting me when we were parting ways.

After the date, we both texted to confirm we got home safe. Next morning he texts me and asks how I slept - I replied an hour later, and didn't receive a reply.

The next night (~36 hours) I texted him again, sending a music video I had promised to pass along "Also, as promised: link".
He responded within a minute "I am so sorry! I didn't see your reply yesterday. I will totally watch after this basketball game" then again, volunteering information about an interview he had and how he misses his beard (trimmed for interview - something we had talked about at the date). I replied congratulating him, and asked if he completely shaved the beard off. No response - it's been 3 days since.

I'm confused. Why reply quickly apologizing to me and then volunteer a new talking point, only to not reply?

should I try again? keep waiting? assume non-interest?


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