Living with boyfriend/girlfriend?

He's/she's with you 24/7. Isn't it just boring? How do you guys even stand it? I guess after long cuddles, kisses, sex I'd be like "Okay, now go." Do you think it's a problem with my dates? Or what about marriage? I don't want to be that lonely woman with 387 cats but...


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  • You wouldn't be spending 24/7 with your GF/BF if you lived with them because you both have your own lives. You might work in different places or cities.

    I think you've got a weird view of what relationships are and it seems to me you're not ready.


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  • It's called grief. Your independent life has just died and it takes time to adjust to it


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  • Relationships aren't just about kissing and cuddling. Of course couples get bored of that, they get bored of it when they aren't living together. It's the same as living with a roommate

  • Yes, some alone time is good. My wife likes to read books and I like to play computer games, so we're a perfect match haha


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