How do you recover from acting crazy while drunk?

Ok so there is this guy that a met over a week ago and when we met we hooked up, he wanted to keep talking after then the day after we hooked up again when he drove my friends and I home from the bar, then all week we talked off and on. The following Friday I saw him out at the bar while I was drunk and went upto him, he said he couldn't come home again cause he was having a boys night but he would come and find me later. I asked for a kiss and he kissed me. Then he stayed at the bar directly insight of where I was dancing guys kept coming up to me but I would tell them to go away. Except one of my guy friend's thinking he was funny grabbed me and wouldn't let go til I smacked him. Then afrer the bar a girl came up and kept touching my guy and I got waaaaaay too mad and started screaming at him. I realized I was being crazy so I walked away but my friends kept going up and bugging him. Then after the bar I slammed my cell phone down and it cracked something inside it so the touch screen thought it was being touched and would send weird messages to my most recent contacts or call them and so it called him a lot. Once we got my phone fixed though I waited a bit and texted hin apologizing and explaining everything can you please help me figure out how to recover from this? Do you think he will still want me? I'm not usually that crazy and usually I'm so chill about guys needing guy time just when I saw that girl flirting and getting close to him something snapped in me especially cause I knew the girl was better looking and thinner than me. Do think he will text me again?
I meant screaming at the girl but infront of my guy


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  • Yeah I think he will but I'm different. Instead of yelling at him, I would have bitched out that fucking bitch going after my man. She was touching him just like that guy was trying to touch you. I bet he did not like that girl touching him... think about this next time.

    • Oh yeah I was yelling at the girl, not my guy I was telling the girl if she was going to touch him again I'd burn her :$ thank you, I feel better about this

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    • No problem! You can always pm me if you need to. I will be more then happy to help! I think what you did is courageous and caring so don't let it bother you! He'll come around! 😊

    • He came around and now it's like nothing happened :)

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  • "Do you think he will still want me?"

    No. Nothing worse than a woman who cannot handle her liquor and lets herself reach this point. If he has a brain at all you're on the "Fucking Crazy" list, like an 8 crazy.

    • Thanks for your honesty

  • He might. You need to show him your fun and SOBER self.

    • Thank you :) I think I'll back off a bit then ask him if he wants to hang out at the park or somewhere where alcohol won't be

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  • I'm sorry I couldn't stop laughing...
    Mmmm about the your question , you made a pretty good ass out of yourself upto now. I doubt an apology can fix it.. But then again I don't know the guy.

    • He's put up with a lot from my friends to be honest, I was surprised he kept talking to me by how my friends acted towards him

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