What should I do if I'm hopelessly in love with someone I can't have?

There's this guy I'm hopelessly in love with. We met through fandoms on iFunny in November. We both love roleplaying (not even sexual rp), and just talking. Time flies when I talk to him, and I find myself constantly checking his phone to see if he's back from whatever he was last doing.

I'm 15 year old freshman (I could have qualified for the year ahead, but the school wouldn't let me!), and will be 16 in 6 months. I also live in Michigan. But Fred (his name) is 17 and living in Texas! We have been officially dating since February 16. He's also a senior (his school let him skip a year). I feel very insecure and helpless as one can imagine. What if he meets a pretty girl that he can actually touch? What if he decides he wants physical contact with a relationship? I can't blame him for that, I mean he's a boy getting ready for his college years.

Meanwhile, I'm terrified someone will finally show interest in me here. What am I supposed to say? I have an internet boyfriend? It makes me sound pathetic.

I've always been told I am mature for my age and am responsible. He says he wants to meet me someday but has always expressed a patience as he understands I'm an underclassmen who needs to get more of an education and be emotionally prepared for this.

This boy makes my heart pound and I get all giddy and excited talking to him. He doesn't magically fix my problems, he makes me forget I had problems in the first place. What do I do?

P. S.-my mom knows about this relationship from snooping through my phone. Both of my parents despise the internet and tell me repeatedly I can't form true relationships from it. They met the 'old fashioned' way and have been married for over 15 years.


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  • hey u should be writing this whole thing to fred. this is something that u need to discuss and figure out what he thinks. it is always good to have that sweet love that everyone wants to carry along but if u think that its just slipping, u need to decide if u will get the firm grip again or just let it go. even if it doesn't work, dont give up hope since u are young and these things sometimes happen. but u will have to discuss it with him ( who knows? maybe he feels the same way as you)

    • I completely agree. I would like to also add that if you too actually like each other you will find a way to make it work. My girlfriend and I met in college and actually live in MN and TX and she graduates before me so I understand the struggle there. However, I have all intentions of moving to TX if she still wants me to a year from now when I graduate. To me it is worth it. Love will find a way.

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  • Make a s! all trip to Texas lol! I am sure he'll love it


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  • Only one solution: move on. Another guy will make you forget this one.

    ".. I've always been told I am mature for my age..." is an over used line used by older PUAs on teen girls. Don't fall for that old trick.

  • You have to be realistic - you might stay close friends by chatting online, but this will never be a real relationship until you meet in person. It's not easy to accept but it's the truth.


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