Date clothes.. Dress weird or dress down?

If a guy knows you dress eccentric on your free time, is he expecting you to dress that same way when you go on a first date?


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  • Usually a first date you would dress a little nicer than normal. If that means more weird, then he probably likes it already since he asked you out. I would not dress down.

    • Yes, he knows I like to dress up for hobbies.. But I do dress normal and will wear cute things from time to time. We met online so we've never met, and I initiated the offer for first date. So are the expectations are what worry me..

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    • I would say to be honest and dress the way you like and normally do. Don't try to be someone your not just to impress someone.

    • Thank you for your advice :)

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  • He expects you to dress like you normally do. He wouldn't have asked you out if he wasn't attracted to what you wear normally.

    • the thing is I do dress normally, I just have hobbies where I dress kinda spunky?

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    • I see what your saying

    • Thankyou

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  • He asked you out didn't he? If so, he likes you the way you are. Dress how you usually would.

    • Well I asked him out.. He agreed but we met kinda online..

    • Ohh, I don't know then. I think you should still dress how you want, if he doesn't like it then so be it.

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