Meeting his friends for the first time and you never get to hear from him again... did his friends disapprove me?

Hi guys, i hv been seeing this guy for over a year now, well we hv always been on and off coz sometimes i really dont get how he realy feels about me... which gets me confused, so its until recently after a year that he called me to meet him only to find it was at a friends home... so i went and met up with two of his best friends, it was the first timemeeting them. His friends acted friendly and caring towards me by the way... It felt nice we had lunch & hanged out till evening coz i had to go back home (stay wit parents so does he). He was even making plans of shifting and finding an apartment n that ill be visiting him there, i felt like i was his woman... they were all refering to me as his woman, him inclusive. He told me he would talk to me later so i waited for text but nothing, the next day, and the next so i got concerned... i sent him a greetnings message but he din't reply... then another asking wats wrong, hv i done something wrong but he's online reads them n doesn't respond, he just ran cold suddenly... am seeking ur guidance here-i hv decided to let go of him coz it even felt like he was disconnected already n unattached... meanwhile i was starting to feel something missing and abit unattached to him sexually though i like him a lot and dont want to loose him. Please read & advise, thank you


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  • I suggest you find someone else who doesn't plays this games
    It sucks for real..
    Don't tell me you fall for him?

    • thanks, am done & moving on... though it had taken a while and i was already attached... i guess he was never into it!

    • Maybe he was for a while but...
      Find someone else.. it's better for you ;)

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