If you give a guy who is an ass no attention, will it drive him crazy thinking you gave him no attention?

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  • Depends. If he's insecure, maybe. If he isn't, he won't give a fuck.

    • You know waht I find weird, he keeps trying to mention his girlfriend in not so subtle ways.

      Like I was asking him about when he'd be here, and he was like all ohh I'll be around to see my girlfriend and stuff.

      I was thinking about how that was totally 100% unnecessary information; he could've just said yeah I'l be around because I'll visiting friends and family often times.

      I'm not saying he's trying to make the jealous not in the least. I just feel like either this girlfriend doesn't exist, or he uses her to try to show he's cool, (because he's really not)

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  • If you are thinking about him, you are giving him attention.

  • An Ass is an Ass no matter what.

    • He was trying to get my attention

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