Tired of waiting, tired of loneliness?

been desiring a relationship or someone to call my own.. I've had little to no luck meeting someone or even getting laid. I don't care about sex as much as I do just having A girlfriend. But I just can't seem to catch a break and meet somebody who will give me a chance and it's depressing. Im tired of being single, its getting bad.. i just want what everyone else has. The worst part is having friends years younger than me who have nothing but success getting girls, I have two friends who are 18 and one of them has a girlfriend my age who I was told is attractive. My friends are always joking about their sexual encounters with girls they make it look easy. It makes me want to cry because I can't even get a girl to check me out. They're in high school so I'm assuming that's why it's easy for them.. i never went to high school (home school) and i regret it cause i missed out on so much. I have few friends (real friends) and I'm an introvert and my social skills are bad. I have a hard time sometimes conversing with someone like i can't think of something to say or I'll say something that makes me look stupid. That doesn't help one bit. I hate being shy. I hate feeling bitter. If i could just meet someone who would give me a chance to get to know me and see that I'm caring and just want someone to love, i would probably feel quite better. At least i wouldn't feel like shit like i am right now cause my problem with chicks wouldn't be a problem anymore. I wouldn't get jealous of my friends for having fun and doing something thats normal that humans do. But i haven't met that someone yet and it's eating me alive. :(

I don't want my next


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  • You aren't the only person with problems. It's hard for everyone. You'll find someone.


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  • It's not your fault. I'm a virgin too and I've never had a girlfriend. Contrary to you, I am mainly looking for sex. Unfortunately, it's failed every time. I've tried the internet, clubs, random public places, classes, mutual friends, every job I've had, parks, etc, and no luck at all.

    Women our age are stuck up prudes. I say try going after older women.


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  • i feel ya bro.. best thing to do is go at the gym and work out..


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