I keep stalking somebody who has rejected me almost a year ago: how can I end this?

This is a pretty long story but I'll try to make it simple enough:

I basically fell in love with someone I'd been in (online) contact with since 2013. She was sort of a moody person and I didn't really associate with her at first. In fact I even blocked her several times in the past for no reason.

I suddenly started to develop limerent feelings for her last year. I managed to become her friend again. Then, after a month or two, I told her that I loved her. She didn't notice my declaration of love for well over another month...
Anyway, she basically explained me that she wasn't ready for a long-distance relationship. However she said she liked me a lot. And so she kept flirting for some strange reason.

Problem was she had terrible mood swings, I'd usually apologise for what was obviously due to her own temperament. But it soon got out of hand and I just couldn't handle her misdirected anger.
I called her out on that after 3 months, I told her that she made me upset by talking me down: she'd even get angry when I complained about the pain I was in (I was ill at the time). Then I told her she took my love for granted... to which she responded she didn't want my love, and nor did she care about it. "Don't expect to see me again: I'm gone for good" she told me.

I was deeply saddened by that obnoxious treatment, and defiantly asked her "By the way, how's it going in [place she lived], [Full name]?" (I was already stalking her by that time and I'd obviously been witholding this crucial fact from her).
She went absolutely crazy and called me an A-hole. Then she bizarrely said that because I thought she didn't 'like' me didn't actually mean she disliked me. Before ultimately blocking me.

I've been dealing with this stoically ever since. Nobody around me knows about this, it has pretty much remained an unwritten page of my life.
But that didn't stop me from hopelessly stalking her on a daily basis. And I still feel for someone who has probably forgotten me.
So, if I understand you two correctly. You're basically saying you're unable to answer the question, and that a 'professional'/psychologist is best-suited for the topic. Nice.
Thanks, but no thanks.

I didn't come here to get insulted by your abstract minds. Your judgmental behaviour isn't what I'm looking for. Calling me a 'creep' does not help me at all & speaks volumes about your lack of consideration towards the asker. I'd rather not take any advice from morons of your kind quite frankly.
"She should delete and block you from everywhere because you're a creep."

She already did so, did you even bother reading what I wrote?


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  • She does not want you. You need to stop. Your behavior is incredibly creepy and highly abnormal. She should delete and block you from everywhere because you're a creep.

    Go see a professional.

  • You are being sooop creepy and persistent. Forget about her, it is the only think you can do because she isn't interested. She never was. You got obsessed.

    If you want to talk to someone about this, I highly recommend a psychologist. Only way to end this is to move on


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