Crushing on league partner, just vanishes?

First don't judge me for what im about to put since this seems the norm lately in gaming...

I've met this guy online and all we do is play League together. Every single day for about a month straight. Just recently he started saying he likes me etc., we sent pictures back and fourth, exchanged numbers, Skype, etc. This weekend he told me he was going to be gone for a while. Ok well thats cool. We constantly text and the past two days I've literally got nothing from him. I know he's out with his friends and maybe its stupid for me to think anything. He even signed off of Skype which he never does. Found out he and his ex broke up at the beginning of the year and he was dumped... Im starting to think he still might be talking to her since he said he wasn't happy about it. Is this something I should worry about? Weve been talking about meeting up too since he lives about 3 cities over in the same state. We have SO much in common too, almost everything. Pretty lost at what im supposed to do. I want to be like "oh so you still seeing her?" but I dont want to be labeled as a psycho or ruin something. Most of the attachment started with him. I resisted until the end of the month I started to be like ok... he's cool maybe Ill just see what this is about. The second I do he vanishes. Any advice? Again I dont want to seem like the crazy one here, but he only talked to me today for about 10 mins tops, signs off again, and I haven't heard from him.


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  • We can't always keep playing the same thing. There are times where we get busy and stop playing for a while and then come back later. I'm sure you know what i mean since you're a gamer as well. There were many times i stopped playing League for a goood while then i came back and started playing heavily again. Dont overthink it, just make yourself busy with another game while he comes back. One thing you might wanna think about, there is also a possibility that you might like him way more than he likes you. But you should know better than me about this

    • Well thats the thing. I didn't start any of it really but I guess that's a moot point right? He started in about all kinds of crazyness. I was put off initially but then I just let it play out. Saying he cares about me and he loves spending time with me, etc. Maybe it's one of those things where some people get hot and heavy really fast in as little time possible and it fizzles out?

    • I have no idea. Honestly, having experienced it myself... i dont think online relationship works unless both parties are crazy in love with each other. Or else it just won't work.

      Either ways, just try to keep urself busy as i said, try meeting other people. If you want i could tag in in some games and play with you, do you play in NA server? I play in NA (my main) and EU West.

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  • Oh join the League club!

    I think you should talk to him straight forward. If he still talks to his ex he probably didn't get over her yet, depends how long they were together? I met my boyfriend (now ex) in League as well, we've been together for 3 years until he met another girl in League and dumped me. So, be careful, gamers can be a tricky ones because they tend to treat relationships as games. :/

    What server are you on btw? And what division? :)

    • Hey! Thanks for answering! I figured there had to be other girl gamers here who knew what I was talking about. I really thought I was on the whole "that will never happen to me"! And threw myself into the game. I also play several other MMO's and these kinds of stories scare me. That's why I just ignored them, ran off, or just hehe and pretend like I don't notice their questions. NA - platinum

    • Yeah I know what you mean! Oh crap I'm on EUNE. :(

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  • Don't chase someone online when you haven't even met that person in rl.

    • Yeah I know. Weve seen each other on Skype etc., but yeah I know. Thats why I didn't allow this crap to happen for years. Finally I just decide ok maybe I should hear this one out, second I do this happens. Sound advice I know this but sometimes you just make dumb ass mistakes.

    • I totally understand what you are going through, but you need to get over with it. I'm sure you will find someone better in the future.

  • Oh that's unfortunate, I never really had any online dating or gaming dating or anything like that, but it may seem like he's somewhat losing interest in you or he found a new hobby of some sort. As you said, you haven't seen each other face to face and you both simply skyped with one another, but aside from that, nothing else. Perhaps the best way to tackle this problem is simply talk to him and ask what happened. Like say we used to have a better connection and that we would talk to hours, but now it seems like we're starting to lose that connection. Is there something else going on in your life? I don't know.. something like that I guess.. I'm not very good at this kind of thing...

    • LOL means League of Legends game right?

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    • No actually this is pretty helpful. I just don't think I should ask that or have the "talk". Guys are weird about it. I don't want to come off as OMFG help me cause im all insecure! Just hoping he will be like "ok here's the deal". Even as I write this it's taking 100% of my strength not to text him and be like WTF! Been like 2 F'ing days! GD IT! So non-chalant about it. Always signed into Skype or on league and he just vanishes. Maybe I should just find a new league partner *sigh*

    • In any case, I did use to play LOL about a year ago, and I'm pretty good with Annie or Chogath XD

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