I'm confused about my feelings. What sounds better and dobyou have any advice?

So I have these two guy 'friends' where I'm feeling confused about. Who sounds more appealing?
Guy number 1:
He's a total sweetheart. He listens to your problem wherever you need to. You know him for 4 years and he has been a really good friend since a year. You can talk with him for hours and thinks you're really beautiful and compliments you a lot. He's about 6'1 tall, has a more average till slightly below average face and a hot body. He's real worker and rather do chores than sitting still. He's also very courteous and always wants to bring you home. The only negative point is that he can be very moody sometimes and sometimes reacts it on people and can be insecure about himself.
Guy number 2:
He's also very sweet. He's very funny and really somebody you can laugh with. He's not good with talking about feelings, but loves to go shopping with you. He's very touchy and definitely likes your appearance in a sexual way. He also really likes you as a person and often invites you for activities with the group of friends. He's about 6'3 and pretty skinny. He has a just above average face. The negative point of him is that he isn't always very smart (not stupid, but appears to be less smart than number 1).
It's not that I'm going to choose the option named in the poll directly, but I want to know some opinions about this. I kind of like them both.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Who could you not imagine your life without?

    Sounds like you can talk to the first guy a lot and find him attractive.

    He seems to be there for you emotionally as well.

    You could try to cut one out of your life on a trial basis to see if you miss them, and that's the one you want.

    Could you help me with mine pls?


    • That's difficult to say, because I would miss them both, but not extremely bothered by it, because I'm not really in love or something.
      It's also hard to cut them both out of my life for a while since we're all in the same very active group of friends.

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    • Thanks, appreciate it. I just responded, see you on there.

      I see what you mean. I guess then guy 2 might edge it. Insecurity or attention seeking/moods are not good qualities.

      Being nice is better than being arrogant.

      And guy 2 does seem to care for you and be courteous.

    • Thanks!

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  • Guy 2 because you can laugh with him. That is the first thing I go for. Also guy 1 is a turn off because you have been friends for so long. I know some girls that would be okay with that, but after such a long friendship I would probably not be able to do that.

    • Yes, that's what I'm thinking too. He used to have a crush on me when I was 14, but friendzoned him. Then we talked sometimes, but weren't really good friends and since a year or so we hung out again.
      I can also laugh with guy 1, but not in the same way as guy 2 (like I make the jokes and we laugh. Guy 2 is more of a joker).
      Guy 1 does really know a lot about me and I do about him and that could definitely a turn-off. I agree with you.

  • Go on a date with both.

    • I hang out with guy 1 frequently alone.
      I've also hung out before with guy 2 alone, but don't do that as often.
      I see both at least once a week within the friend group.

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