How can I stop thinking about him? Missed my chance to talk to a guy and can't stop thinking about him. Advice on how to stop obsessing?

I was at a concert for a funk metal band. Fairly large concert so there is the chance that this guy doesn't even live in my state. When I first saw him, he looked at me and I felt those high school "punch you in the gut" butterflies and gave him a huge smile. But my normal confidence and boldness completely left me and I immediately got shy and averted my eyes. He smiled halfway back but looked confused like maybe it wasn't him that I was smiling at and looked away. I fled for the stage area rather than the seat I had near him, and by the second set.. he had somehow made his way right beside me in the crowd. And I kept doing quick glances at him and he was doing them back. The crowd pushed him away at one point and I caught him straining to see me through the crowd. I saw him stuck behind a chair as I was leaving and told him to just jump over it. He came up to and kind of grabbed my shoulders and said "Great advice. I just about tripped over myself". Then slid his hand past my shoulder and walked away after my only response was nervous laughter. I never saw him again.. and never will.

But I can't stop thinking about the facial expressions he made, different reactions to the music and the crowd around him that revealed small bits of his personality, his style in clothes, the way he kept fumbling with his hat, his phone, his gauges..

I don't know whether it was that this particular guy was just the embodiment of "my type" or if I somehow fell for him through body language. Either way, how the hell do I get over this? He was probably about 5'6, was wearing sagging pants with a large green baggy shirt and a trippy snapback, had gauges, a shy grin, cracked up phone, had a darker complexion, looked like he might be Chicano, very high cheekbones, square jaw, straight nose, thin almond eye shape.. I need to get over this. I have a career and I'm too old for these kinds of crushes.


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  • You can't do anything. Isn't it funny how it hurts before anything even started? Sucks, I know. Unless by pure chance you see him within the next 4 hours, just try to keep your mind busy, till u find someone else


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  • Find another guy.


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