Can anyone give me a list of things of why you love your girl friend or boyfriend?

25. I love how you like help little kids and give them hope

26. I love how you always will find a way to see me

27. I love how every time I’m with you its just perfect

28. I love how your so dedicated to things

29. I love how you like strive for like what u want

30. I love how like your just perfect

31. I love like when you do covers like omgggg

thats some of my list
1. I love how your loyal
2. I love how you can always make everything better
3. I love your smile.
4. I love how your always their for me
5. I love that you’re my best friend
6. I love how I can always talk to you about anything
7. I love how like you do those morning things everyday like the day things
8. I love your personality
9. I love how your so caring
10. I love how much you care about everyone.
11. I love your laugh
12. I love how you protect me
13. I love how you worry about everythin


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  • where r the 1st 24 things? :-P

    • won't let me update anymore but their!

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