I met this Girl Online and Came on too strong, but was just being inpatient, I want to know if I still have a chance are girls forgiving like this?

This was her last message can i get your opinion on if you still think I have a chance. the site if plenty of fish by the way.
"Hi... wow, i actually haven't read any of my messages, i've been too busy. Listen im sorry, im sure you're lovely but that's wayy too many messages
On a more positive note, thank you for the comments about my youtube channel, and i had a look at yours, cool channel.
I'm sorry but you've come accross a little too strong, im sure you meant well, but i can't deal with that level of strength! Good for other people im sure though sorry!! x"
She didn't block me and left a kiss. Plus the messages were only asking her questions about herself and her youtube channel.


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  • This happened to me before not good dude yes you did come at her to strong. : P calm down and think before you speak. And there will come another time don't worry. :D

    • So if I wait a week before messaging her again do you think I will have a chance?

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    • okay thanks mate may the force be with you always

    • You have doubt my young padawan that is the path to the dark side. :p ha ha ha But seriously dude Your heart will know so don't worry and I'm glad I could help.

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  • From experience with dating sites, most people on there have mental problems. They freak out if you don't answer and when you do, you are coming on too strong. It's a no win situation. I'm not patient so I come on strong. It's tough trying to get to know someone without them getting creeped out.

    • Yeah I am a bit the same she was appearing online so i thought i was being ignored that's why i message her too much. Do you think If i wait a week I may have a chance?

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    • Yeah but I really sort of fell a bit for her only. Do you think waiting a week before making contact again would be the best course of action and I don't want to give up.

    • You can message her, but don't be surprised if she blocks you. She doesn't like you like you want her to.

  • I'd say you came on pretty strong and she has moved on - so should you.


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  • dude... y u post this question again and again?

    just some advice by the way... if u do it then people might assume u r trolling.. so better stop ;-)

    • Sorry it's my last post just wanted to get more opinions on the matter with the last message I received

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