Is he really in love with me?

we've know each other for months already. We were really close friends, we would tell each other everything. At the time we were both seeing different people. Neither of our relationships worked out. We would listen to each other whenever when needed someone to talk to. A month ago we started dating. He introduced me to his friends, and family. We even made it official on fb. 2 weeks ago he dropped me of at my house, before I got off his truck we kissed goodbye and I told him I love him. He was surprised, and asked me if I was sure. I said yes I am. After a brief silence I said well good night. And he said goodnight, I love you! I know old him he didn't have yo say it back, and that I was sorry for pressuring him. He told me that he really wanted to say it. Last week he left to work up north, and he got us matching couples rings with both of our names. It was the sweetest thing ever. He tells me everyday he misses me and that he's madly in love with me. His mom told me that he's serious about me.


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  • It sounds like he does.


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