Guy friend said he has always wanted to kiss me?

My oldest guy friend has liked me for awhile now... last year he took one of my friends to prom because I already had a date and then he ended up dating her for awhile They broke up however, and he said he still has feelings for me. He admitted that he has always wanted to kiss me... I have never had my first kiss and recently I have been feeling the same way... We are graduating soon so it's not like we are going to date... would I be a horrible person for kissing him?


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  • no do your thing
    it's also not obligatory that you will have to separate
    you can find a way to be together a bit i guess


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  • no darlin, people do what they want, they can't take answers from other people but if you want thats fine and no you won't be a horible person for kissing him


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  • Honestly, just do i, but don't make yourself look like you're easy (no offense) i know this may seem hard to do, but that's about it.


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