Do I move on from this amazing guy?

I like this guy again. I totally thought I was over him... then at 1 am I really wanted coffee and cookies so I asked if he wanted to pick some up for me and a friend and drop it off, and he did. The guy that dropped the coffee is the guy I fell for. He is great and respects me and girls in general. All my friends think that I like him "for a reason" and that "[we'll] end up together". I don't know if I should just get over him or maybe think something of it. Any and all opinions apperciated. So what do you think?


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  • How under 18 are you? Because guys usually don't do that, I sure as hell won't do that. I need my sleep. So try again if it doesn't work out fine he didn't deserve you but if it does, he does

    • he's 17... Does that help?

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    • Haha okay :) thanks for the help!

    • You're welcome

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  • Well if you like him and he seems to like you then why on earth would you want to get over him? Go for it girl! Give it a shot and see what he's like in a relationship!


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