Where do older people get dates? like over 25? I have never dated any girls, or done anything with them. always been a shy guy and not very social?

I am a few years younger than 30. I have been trying to break out of it for years, but it seems as though the more I get further from people my age and move into diffrent parts of the world and life, that everything just slips away. you see all your past crushes get engaged or married, or move out from where they used to live, and were close to you. now live far away, while you are stuck...

Especially being a loner for the most part, and never really having a social life, there isn't much to generate any progress from. i've been to bars, movies, concerts and all sorts of things alone, but I cannot connect with people, especially girls. I never have been able to. besides not havign a real full time job yet.
also I do not want to do online dating, nor would I ever go out with anybody from online dating sites. Unless they were somebody that I already knew from real life and they found me lol


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  • How about moving to a new city? Or a new country? You may be able to connect with people better there than where you are now. It might sound like a daunting thing to do at first but it might benefit you in the long run in many ways and there may be more and better full time jobs.

    • There is somewhere I would rather live, but it is a small town more or less. still probably jobs there, but I want to create myself I guess, seeing as the world didn't want my real world skills from college lol

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  • internet dating is a big hit try tinder and all that jazz. I personally get dates in normal days I meet a nice girl become aquanted and flirt , flirt flirt. Never be ashamed of your sexually your a mand and you like boobs, ass and femininty and you love to bang girls and dont be afraid to show it.

    I used to be like you my friend now I gte dates all the time you gotta be bold, girls respect a man who takes charge and gets what he wants. Just be funny, slighty cocky and show them what a great guy you are and you will be fine


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  • Concentrate on career first. As soon as you make your economic base concrete, you'll feel more confident about women and people in general. And start talking to new people. If it goes on, great! If it doesn't, let go and find someone else. 7 billion people! You'll find lots connecting to you. But, yeah remember - NEW PEOPLE. And don't compare yourself to your past people. They're doing what they want to with their lives. Its time you started working on yours.


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