What should I do? Already thought of it as a bad idea, but now im beginning to doubt her motivations. please help me?

So this 36 yo married woman thinks im attractive, we exchanged some nudes and talked about our feelings. I know her for over a year or 2 now. haven't seen her in a while, her husband was a colleague of mine. so in march i started dating her daughter, who recently became single. didn't work out, we kissed etc but her ex boyfriend couldnt accept the fact that she was seeing me, so well not much i could do in the end.

so her mom started flirting with me and asked me to work at this restaurant were she works. so i took the job, and she stares a lot at me. we flirt etc there is this sexual tention. but quit recently im beginning to doubt the whole situation. first of all she is married, and i dont dislike her husband, i think he is a great guy, but she isn't happy anymore. they both have 2 young children. so that makes it more complicated. now some guy added her on fb, starts liking all the fb pictures. she never inititiates contact with me, or does anything to reasure me that she is sincere. so what i look great, i dont care i want her to show me she means it that she likes me. so at work, we were discussing what beards should look like on men, with female colleagues and she showed a picture of this new guy writing her, that he has a good looking beard. pissed me off, i can remember how she was sending me angry smileys simply because after work i called a female friend to hang out, nothing romantic. she sended me those smileys 10 minutes after caling that girl.

is she trying to make me jealous, is she sincere, should i just keep quiet or tell her to fuck off. that i dont trust her, because she shows signs of willingness to cheat on her husband. if she goes with this other guy, i will talk to her husband. apologize for me going along with her unfaithfullniss, and that she is unhappy with the marriage. if he loves her, he needs to do something, plus the fact she has man flirting with her all the time.

need advise, forget about her or what?


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  • I think you shouldn't cross the line... she's playing with you and your emotions, and YOU are bouncing off the walls and left feeling bad, you're a toy for her right now, and she's loving every minute of it, you should tell her that you won't be used, you're not there for her entertainment and find another to play with, because that's all she's doing with you, i think if you went along with her you are setting yourself up for a big fall and it's going to hurt you the most.

    • i agree with you. we planned a date, she canceled that date, her son got sick. ok, can happen. 2nd date, we planned a week ahead, something along the line of her husband getting suspicious so she had to cancel. funny part is, she canceled both on the same day. our 2nd date, i was asking her to confirm time and place, and she wouldn't answer to that , only when i told her i got the feeling she doesn't want me to come over. yet all the other questions not related to that date, she answered those. what do you think about that? im really confused. If she thinks im just there for her entertainment she is wrong. if she wants to date , im ok with it but im a person 2 with feelings. its like its only about her. now this other guy shows up and she is different. yet when i pay some attention to my looks, she probably will notice me again at work. its like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. should i tell her that face to face? that im not there for her entertainment

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    • made a mistake, i wanted to write, it doesn't mean she goes to bed with them, simply because she is writing someone else.. anyway, she is right about that part but its not an excuse to turn me down. im aplying for work and today i have an appointment. my current job is just a summer job, bad weather, well i can stay home. im thinking about shutting down my fb profile for a few days, and my whats app. so she can feel what its like , if someone isn't doing anything to proof their words. i think she is using me. She just sees me as a guy who came along, who looks good etc... bit of flirting etc. if she wanted me around she would also tell me how bad she wanted me around but it was so difficult. yeah she wrote me, if you move to my town, i would visit you a lot. sure, bet you do. when you want to , not when i want to. well thanks for your help, i think she is using me as entertainment. and if her marriage goes bad, im the one blamed and she runs of with this pig head she writes with now.

    • Good luck with your appointment and finding work, show her also you are not this easy predictable man she can use, so yes maybe shutting down fb profile will make her think twice, but do every thing to protect your heart from her using and playing with you. Good Luck :)

  • It is a bad idea I feel like she's just looking for a fling.

    • feels like it, she is bored etc.. i come along, she starts sending me nudes, i do the same, but she does nothing to back up her words. im planning dates, i planned some cool things to do, and she cancels every single time on the day we planned our date. 1st time her son got sick, ok, i can accept that. 2nd time her husband got suspicious, yet 2 days ago she had plenty of time to go to town to a restaurant after work with someone, maybe friends or that guy. if she is seeing that guy, i will talk to her husband. apoligize for me getting along with her flirting with me. my inappropiate pictures. that he has to watch out because she has guys flirting with her all the time. i tell him that face to face like a man, maybe he hits me or respects me i dont know, but i actually like him.

    • I say you just tell him because you can't just do it if she's going out with "another guy". You are the other guy too.

    • that is true im the other guy to, if you look at it like that but now it feels like she is double crossing , thats a dangerous game to play. actually i would rather go to that other guy and tell him to back off, but well that brings me nothing. she has to understand, im not forcing her to leave her husband for me. she is unhappy in her marriage but i do not tolerate another guy who shows up out of nowhere. has nothing to do with jealousy but things are already complicated as they are. if she crosses that line i spill out everything to her husband. if she wants to date me fine, but i refuse being used as a scape goat , imagine her marriage fails, ill be blaimed for everything and this other person is blame free. i dont think so. she better proofs to me that she really likes me, because im sick and tired of plannign dates, fixing everything and it being canceled, her daughter pulled of the same thing. it hurted me a lot because i put so much effort in coming up with great ideas

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