Did he cheat on me during holidays?

Hi everyone

As you might have noticed, the title of this questions says it all...

Recently we had 2 weeks holidays in which my boyfriend was in another country to learn french (went there to school). We are 2 months & 2 weeks together now and he just came back home this weekend. He always shows and tells me how much he loves me in his own way. He even brought he sweet presents from his trip and he quit often is the one to start a conversation (chat) or calls me just to talk. We see eachother at least once a week and I love him truly! Anyway, during his stay there, he would tell me in detail what he was up to and told me that he was going on partys in the evenings. I was always a bit worried concering those girls in the clubs but he would even call me to comfort me and reassure me that I wouldn't have to worry and that he would never let them come to close to him because he only loves me. He said that all in such a loving and trustworthy tone. But last Saturday (the first day seeing him after 2 weeks), he was invited to a birthday party of a good friend and asked me to come too. Since it was going to be till late night, he offered me to stay at his place (so I agreed & it was my first time to sleep overnight at his place). The party was so much fun but while I was talking to his friend's girlfriend, my boyfriend was talking to a group of friends (all male) and all of a sudden I overheard something like:
boyfriend:"she had a great ass"
male friends: "who and where?"
boyfriend:"well in ********** (he mentionned the place he has been for 2 weeks)"
male friends: "does your girlfriend know about it?"
boyfriend: "*no answer*"

I don't want to judge or accuse him but it bothered me for at least the rest of the evening. I wanted to ask him about it while walking back to his place but I didn't have the courage...
Things have gotten even harder for me now because I slept with him that day (was my f


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  • Ask him. It sounds bad to me. He seems like he's trying too hard to make you happy as if he was hiding something or felt guilty. It's hard to say. Even if you ask he might not tell the truth. Go with your gut. If it feels wrong, it is.

    • Okay, I'll see how and when it's the best time to ask him... It's just so hard for me especially after all that has happened. Sometimes I even hate myself for not have asked him on the spot the other night but instead followed my emotions... But thanks anyway :)

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