I think he cheated on his girlfriend with me?

I adore this guy. We dated a year ago but I ended it because I didn't have time. He told me once he wasn't sure we could be friends while he had a girlfriend because we had unfinished business because of the way we ended. He told me months ago things weren't working with his girlfriend, but he didn't tell me why.

A week ago he messaged me saying he was depressed, and wanted to get out. So we went out, ended up hooking up, and hooked up in the morning too. Since he kissed me and initiated it I thought they had broken up. Even the next day when I saw it was still on Facebook I thought, maybe she hasn't taken it down is all (he's never on Facebook so it wasn't weird that his was up). But a week later they both still have it up...

We talked once briefly. Is it possible it's just not been taken down? I'm upset. I like this guy, I like sleeping with him, but I think it was just sex for him. Could he possibly have feelings for me? What should I do?


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  • Find out for sure a guy is broken up with his girl before opening your legs for him. And if a guy is taken, back it off.


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