I'm curious what y'all think he wanted from me?

So this guy I've been off an on seeing for about six years just recently got outta the Navy. He's a real sweet guy. Very genuine and sometimes brutally honest. We've dated multiple times, hooked up and everything but haven't made anything official since highschool. I'm now 21(almost 22) and he is 24. Now, since he got out of the Navy, we have hung out and it seems to me that he has hinted toward a possible official relationship. I had told him about a month ago that it would take a miracle to have someone change my mind about being in a relationship. I've been burned a few times and so has he. Well after saying this to him, he replied "Even me?" I don't know what he meant by it. But since then he has said things or asked me questions involving what I'm looking for from him and what have you. Like he is digging for answers about my feelings for him. I hung out with him once since he's been out and we ended up hooking up. I pursued it, not him. And not too long afterwards he texted me and told me he didn't know I was looking to hook up. I told him that wasn't my intentions, to which he asked me what my intentions were. So I simply told him that I hung out with him to see if my feelings for him were still there. He didn't question is I still had feelings. All he said was "I see." And ever since, we haven't spoken too often (which is weird because we've talked everyday for six years, all minus when he was in training for six months). Did I say the wrong thing or scare him off?


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  • It sounds like he has feelings for you but you are acting standoffish. If you don't want to be in a relationship with him maybe you shouldn't hook up. Ask him what he wants from you. Maybe he wants a relationship but is backing away from you because you are pushing him away when it seems obvious you have feelings for him as well.

    • I'm just so afraid of scaring him off. When he was in the Navy, I ended up telling him exactly how much he meant to me and it didn't really go well. So for six years, he has known how I felt but never really tried to pursue anything. I would be with him. I think he knows this. But I'm having an inner battle with myself at the moment because in the past when I have spoken my feelings, he has become standoffish and really weird. But now all the sudden when I don't tell him how I feel, he acts the same way..

    • If you love him then you should tell him. Don't hold your feelings back out of fear. You might wait too long and he might think he has lost his chance and move on. Love is a delicate situation for sure. But if you two have been through so much already what's the big deal. If he rejects your feelings or whatnot at least you'll know for certain where you stand. You got this!! He could be feeling the same way that you are.

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  • He wanted more of a relationship. You wanted to just fuck him when ever you got horny. Nothing wrong with that. Since he doesn't seem to be interested in you find another great fuck


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