How to initiate the kiss?

Okay so this is really embarrassing, I've been going out with this chick for a little over a month, we've cuddled it's nice, we made out (both times for only like a second) twice, and I always kiss her (just a little peck) when we leave after chillin, the problem is , I'm a painfully awkward guy and I wanna kiss her more, make out a little. Its just hard for me cause since she's still really new to me I have zero self confidence, my worst fear in the world is trying to make a move like that and failing miserably. Yesterday while cuddling i almost just lifted her head up (like a finger under her chin) and kissed her but I got too anxious. I know she is a very sexual person, everyone who's her friend says so so please help me.
Help me please
Please help, more people please


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  • Maybe while cuddling her you can kiss her cheek which will get her attention to look at you and then go in for a kiss. There is nothing to worry about she probably really wants to kiss you but doesn't know if she should make the first move. You could always just tell her as you cuddle that you really want to kiss her. It sounds kinda weird but my boyfriend sometimes will say that to initiate a kiss or he will just kiss me without saying anything. I find both really cute and sweet.


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  • I would say just go for it. Girls like guys who take charge. Even if you go for it she will probably follow through because she won't want to hurt you. If it does fail its okay you have to screw up every once and a while to figure out what works best. Go for it. Girls admire it.

  • Some boy came right up to me kissed my hand and kissed me all on my mouth.

  • While cuddle or sit close to her, You could kinda touch her hand and look her in the eyes then lean close to her (if she doesn't jerk away then that's a green light) and slowly kiss her. (no tongue at first tho) Maybe touch her neck or rub her back while kiss her...


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