If a guy asked me for the movies to go someday with him but never?

brought up the subject of eating afterwards. How can I bring the subject or is it implied that when a girl goes out with a guy to the movies automatically eating is part of the date as well?
What if I in the case, the guy never expect to eat something afterwards and he meant only movies?


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  • Easiest way would be just go to the movies with him, and when the movie is over if he hasn't already brought it up ask him, "So was a good movie, (or whatever you thought) Want to go get something to eat now?" If he says now then say well how about some other time then if he says like he's busy and has to run. Or if he says he ate before coming to the movie. Will get you a second date or you will go eat out then and there.

    • So it is no good to bring up the subject of eating after the movie, on the way tot he movies, like in the car?

      I found odd that a man won't think abotu eating after movies when it is his first date with the girl dont u think? He is 42 years old!!! and divorced I would believe he knows a thing or too about dating with a girl if he was previously married dont u think?

    • Yea, but because he is divorced could be nervous about jumping back in depending on how long its been? And you can bring it up in the car, was just thinking after the movie might be a little more smooth of a transition is all. At this point you are both grown adults, should both be able to handle a little awkward situation and move forward.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just ask if he wants to get something to eat.


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