Gave a guy my number online he waits 2 weeks to text?

I'd been going back and forth with some interesting conversation online over the course of a week. The guy finally asks if we can just meet in person to whih I say of course and give him my digits.

2 weeks later I get a text from him saying what's up. I joked with him that if he was going for the pirze of longest wait time he won it. To which he responded 2 weeks isn't a long time except for young children...

At this point simply for curiousity sake (and maybe because he was seeing someone which explains the wait) he said what about a first date and I told him I could do X day this week or something next week.

He said he's out on business until the middle of the month can we set a date for then? To which I replied for him just to touch base when he gets back. WTF?

I understand being busy with work but my basic protocol is no contact a week after I gave you my number equals not enough interest, move on. Why even contact me if you know you are leaving again? Am I wrong?


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  • I'd lose his number and not think twice about reading anything he texts you.

    First of all, he's a rude prick, and he's totally seeing someone else. If he has time to text you and ask you out, I'm sure he's not so busy he can't muster enough time for a date.

    Secondly, two weeks is an eternity when you're first getting to know someone, and anyone expecting me to wait that long would simply give me the insinuation they're having fun pursuing someone else, and they decided to text me in between rounds with that person or because they've moved on.

    He's contacting you because you're a fall back option, as anyone in their right mind, who is interested in someone, doesn't wait freaking two weeks only to send an impersonal text, followed up with a defensive answer when you were making light of it and not complaining.

    • Right pretty much what I was thinking. I continued the conversation and would have met him on a date just to get a gauge of what his particular set of issues were. There are plenty of people online who lack dating skills, just divorced and hate women or just have no clue socially. The last of which I take pity on and try to point them in the right direction. And then like you said there are plenty of men already in a relationship to watch out for.

      My wild guess would be he had a fight with his SO and was toying with the idea for some revenge action a la me.

      Thanks for the response.

    • I remember a girl I had met online who would always express interest, and say she'd contact me to make plans, only not to hear from her for several days. I'd assume she met someone else, and go on about my business, then she'd email me or text me wanting to make plans, only to have an excuse at the last minute.

      I found it so amazing she had so much drama going on at the last minute before we were supposed to me, I wished her well and took her off all my social media accounts. She then had the audacity to contact me again, asking if I was still interested in meeting. I simply said, "Oh hi, hope all is well." left it at that and never talked to the bitch again. What a fucking waste of time people can be.

      There's no point in spending any more energy guessing what he's doing, except just to know he's an idiot that's being very inconsiderate and is obviously not seriously interested in you, or he would have already met you.

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  • Run for the hills. This isn't the droid you're looking for.


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  • You should walk away!

  • Maybe he was busy.


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