Is this girl gaming me?

So met this girl online, we have been on 5 dates all gone amazingly. from day one she has always been hot and cold with texting sometimes she replies within an hour othertimes 2 days. I always wait for her reply and never double text, ever! she's never flaked on a date and seems really into me when we are together.

I cooked for her Friday and we watched films and had sex for the first time, it was slightly awkward and I didn't perform as well as I would of liked as I was kinda nervous. anyway we cuddled and talked about pretty indepth things after and fell asleep together. in the morning we cuddled, I got her breakfast and she left.

after she text me straight away thanking me for a great dinner and to have a good day. we exchange a few text, the last of which she took a day to reply to, in her reply she asks me how I am, how my weekend was and what she's up to and a lot more. I text back a while after, however its been almost to days since I've last herd from her!

Is she playing hard to get or something? If she wasn't intrested I would assume she wouldn't text me with questions that demaned a response she would just cut contact? The only reason Im asking this is I thought girls became more responsive and emotional after sex and I do like her. I know she is busy all the time which makes it hard to see a lot of her. Maybe she needs some time and doesn't want to rush into things? any ideas of whats going on would be nice, thanks.


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  • She sounds detached from her phone, she may not be the type of person who is attached to the hip to her cell, I knew girls like that.. I'm not one but I heard they exist.


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  • If she is playing hard to get, which i think she is. Ditch her. Dont date women who play mind games


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  • If you have watched friends with benefits... then you should know whats going on :D


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