Is he seeing other women or should I give him a benefit of doubt?

We went on two dates so far and they were amazing, really. After date he sent me a thank you note and mentioned several times that he enjoyed them. However today he didn´t contact me at all, so I just sent him text and photos from our yesterday´s trip. He responded after a while and later his responses were delayed too.

After an hour he just sent me a note saying that "sorry, i didn´t see your messages, I´m watching a movie at my friend´s".. he sent it around 11:40 p. m.

I have serious trust issues and I´m trying to learn to trust.. but this is weird. since when dudes watch a movie together around midnight?


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  • 1. Its normal for dudes to hang out together, dont worry about that part
    2. You've had two dates, you dont own him. It would be douchy if he didn't tell you about not being interested (if that were the case), but otherwise, he doesn't owe you.
    3. You do not have the right to obligate him to watch his phone all day.
    4. You should give him the benefit of the doubt. However, I do wonder if you are ready for a relationship since you are already jealous before it even started.

  • It's the beginning. If there is no understanding of a relationship, you can't worry what he's doing. If he gives you a bad feeling, find someone else. Don't rush it into something serious. You two are still getting to know each other.


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