Guys, Do you think he likes me?

So I told my really good guy friend that I like him (this was before winter break) I had been told that he liked me too and was shocked when he didn't say it. He is really sweet to me and very flirty. He always bumps my shoulder when he sees me in the hallway and I catch him staring at me sometimes. But when anyone asks him if he likes me he doesn't respond and just refuses to answer. I'm scared that this might be because he doesn't like me and is scared of hurting my feelings or that he just doesn't like me as anything more than a friend. A few weeks ago my friend asked him if he likes me. He screenshotted the message from my friend and sent it to me and asked "What do you want me to say?" (Why would he ask me that?) and I responded "Say yes if you do and no if you don't" and then he said "Ima say yeah and be like what you wanna fight me for it?" And i said "No, dont tell him you like me if you don't" and then I was like "Wait, do you like me?" And he read it but didn'trespond for a few minutes and then he asked "Why?" And i said I just want to know and then he kept asking why and I said just wondering and he said "Oh yeahh yous a hawtieee" He's a funny person so I didn't know if he was just messing around or not. My friend that was texting him (Asked if he liked me) Said "Well if you like her you should ask her out" and the guy I like said nah and my friend said "You do know she likes you a ton right? and he just said yeah. What the hell? Does he like me or not? And if he does and he knows that I like him, why won't he ask me out? (Btw we've been like this for about a year now)


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  • At moments people will avoid telling you their sentiments for a lot of reasons.
    Only yesterday I heard from my best female friend that the girl I crushed on so heavily in HS crushed on me too , back then. I told her several times about my feelings. She hadn't told me because she didn't want to date before college. (but she didn't tell even that).
    Then we went to different colleges. My bestie went to the same college my crush went to. I went to another, on the same campus. I still met my bestie, avoided meeting my old HS crush, met other girls and forgot my crush.
    After graduating uni my crush married some guy, and I did marry a girl I met and loved.
    By luck we both met someone we love.
    Otherwise I might be very unhappy on this day. :'(
    No regrets thus.
    Only my bestie didn't meet a good guy.


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  • He could be really nervous or conceited. Either way it seems like he wants you to make the first move. Hee playing games. If you really like I'd say to ask but be prepared in case he says no. Like I said he's playing games. When that happens people are hard to read.

  • My first question would be, 'how old is he?' If he is under the age of 16, it sounds as though he is, to be blunt, SCARED out of his gord. Its likely he hasn't dated much yet and is probably under some sort of pretense or even pressure from friends.

    Here's a possible solution: spend more one on one time with him BUT, do so with boundaries. What I mean is, know what you want and don't want BEFORE you're alone with him and do NOT allow it to become physical (read groping or sex) until HE has PROVEN HIS WORTH!!! By worth, I mean his concern for you in actions over a loooooooong period of time.

    Best of luck!!


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