Girls: A kiss on the cheek?

I was at my friend's place...celebrating his birthday, and at the end of the night this girl that I know gave me a kiss on the cheek before she left. She didn't do this to anyone else...Is she trying to send me a clue that she's somewhat interested?


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  • I wouldn't just kiss any old guy on the cheek. Someone I had interest in yeah but not just anyone.

    • Yeah now that I think of it....i got hurt and she wrote on a get well card that said come up to my room when your healthy LOL

    • Well then, that's a good sign! haha

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  • It could really vary. How well do you know this woman? If you are well acquainted and know each other rather well, she may be trying to demonstrate her fondness of you. If you don't know her well, she may just be flirting. Regardless, be careful of that. A kiss of the cheek can have many meanings to many people, so don't act out on that basis alone. Stay indifferent until the matter becomes more transparent.