How do I move on? Will I ever be able to let go of him?

I met this guy a few years ago. We became quick friends and had a lot in common. I developed a bit of a crush which became worse after he broke up with his girlfriend. We really started hanging out and he started acting like he was into me too. All my friends said it was obvious that he liked me. After quite a while, I got up the nerve to ask him, and he answered with "I'm not looking for a relationship" and "lets just stay friends". Needless to say, I was devastated. He slowly started to withdraw from me and by the end of the year I barely talked to him. That was a couple years ago and it still hurts to think about it. I really liked him and it tore me apart to see him go. A couple of months ago I bumped into him in the last place id expect to see him and he acted like he barely remembered me and still didn't realize just how much pain he had caused me. The worst part is that part of my still jumped at seeing him after years of not talking. Will I ever be able to let go of him? How do i move on?


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  • Very slowly and only with lots of intervening things to distract your attention.


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  • Wow, that is terrible, what a douche. I would suggest to move on and attempt to meet new guys/participate in a hobby that will take your mind off of him. Are you currently in college or working?

    • I just finished college this year and did date somebody for a month but that didn't work either. And everyone I work with is either married, too old or taken

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    • you are only twenty? me too. How did you graduate college so soon? Is the school system different where you live or did you go to a specialized school? I am twenty too haha and will be getting my associate degree this year.

    • I went through a private career college for a two year apprenticeship for cooking. Most of my friends are still in school and will be for a while. My town has a very active food scene so it has it's own school that only takes 70 students between both years.

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  • You need to look for someone new

    • I've tried that. I was in a relationship a few months ago that ended badly. It was after that, that I saw him again. Just when I think I've moved on, he somehow seems to come back

    • Well keep looking ahead, the past is just that until you bring it back into the present.

      Go flirt with some new people, do some things you enjoy. Indulge yourself.

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