Where to go on date 2?

So I met this girl online.

We met up once last week to have coffee. I invited her out and we seemed to have a decent time. I asked her if she's up to meet again later this week.

She said yes, and asked what I was planning. I just said I'd surprise her? LOL... I'll probably tell her in advanced.

But the question is where should we go? We need something where we can talk more still and get to know each other.

If date 2 goes well.. I'm thinking date 3 could be one time salsa dance lessons. I hear it's pretty intimate so it would give us a chance to be close. But back to date #2...

any ideas?


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  • Wherever you go make sure it's a place where you can focus on each other and have conversation. Movies, concerts and loud bars or clubs are all bad first dates. A nice quiet cafe, or coffee shop is a good start. The key is to be able to talk without loud or uncomfortable distractions.

    • we already went to a cafe... I think going to one again might be boring or repetitive?

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    • LOL... any more ideas?

    • Musicals are good. Nice restaurants. Maybe a museum. I don't know what kind of girl she is.

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  • Woah. I think salsa lessons are a bit much on date 3. I think maybe something like a concert in a bar and you can still hear each other talk. Or maybe you two can bike ride to a park and sit down and have a picnic :) Or go star gazing ;) x

    • I like the picnic idea if the weather ends up being nice.

      Except we plan on meeting on a weekday in the evening...

      So might need more evening related stuff?

    • well... nothing wrong with a picnic under the stars and moonight with a bottle of champagne ;) x

    • haha.. I'd love to do that for someone... but it's WAY too much for a 2nd date. I'd only do that for a VERY special woman... not just "any" woman.

  • Don't go to a movie. You won't have time to talk. Go to... an amusement park!! The ferris wheel gives you epic chances.

    • that could work... but if it's raining that's gonna suck!

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    • I guess it depends on how she sees it... Some women hate rain or getting soaked or slightly wet.

    • I guess so... put your jacket on her and say "I don't want you to catch a cold" and then walk in the rain, then suddenly the rain stops and you see a rainbow haha I'm getting drama now.

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