Why do I guys with angry problems always end up liking me or falling in love with me?


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  • Its something about you that just attracts angry guys, I find that many girls are often attracted to unstable guys

    • What do you think it is

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  • Well these types of guys usually go for submisive girls so maybe they think you are too soft and submisive? they like them because they know they may be able to boss them around instead of doing it the nice and honest way because of their insecurities, i don't know if you are more of a soft and submissive girl though but i get the same thing just because i have a baby face... they think i'm all innocent and niaeve but they get angry when i show them i'm not submisive lol so show them your not a meek female who lets people boss them around.

    • I don't have a baby face. I have prominent features
      But I have a very submissive personality

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    • No I don't like them take advantage of me, but they always become obsessive of me and angry

    • Yes they will do that because you aren't giving them the satisfaction of letting them boss you around, never let them because they are creeps... very abusive, run far and wide from these types of guys, if they get too stalkerish and obsessive tell someone because these guys can get very violent, they just don't want to do the honest thing and get to know people in the right way, they probably haven't ever had a good family who spoke to them nicely and just bossed them around too, i know how that feels too, i like with a brother who is like this andmy dad... well... he can be just as bad sometimes... when they know they are wrong or don't get what they want they flip especially my bro, they are very impaitent people so i wouldn't let them act out their frustations on you.

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