She didn't respond for a week?

I left messages to her for a week and she had no response. It makes me worriend. But last Sunday She texted me and apologizing for what happened. She said their internet was down for a week so she was not able to reply on my fb messages and she attempted to text on my phone number but she changed her phone so my contact was left on the old one. She said I should just text her on her phone no. Yesterday morning, I left a message but she didn't respond so I tried at afternoon to leave a message again but until I got home from work she still not responding, it makes me feels upset because why would she act like that, why she keeps ignoring. So I said "It's been a week you haven't talked to me. Is there a problem?" and she finally replied, she said "Sorry for that, I'm just busy, I'm reviewing for my exam tomorrow." I replied Sorry, I didn't know" She: "It's okay." Me: " Sorry. I know there are things you needed to think first and to finish. Sorry if I bothered you." and the conversation ended. Why does she keep ignoring me? She didn't make time for me that much. I want a little attention. I feel that she see me as too needy and pathetic that I acted like that. It just makes me feel upset. We knew each other for a year. What are your thoughts? If you have any piece of advice, I will take and appreciate it, thanks. This girl really means a lot to me.


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  • You just need patience pal, she has to come to you at her own pace..
    Sounds like you might be over pursuing, hence she is puling away

    • Okay thanks. I think I should not leave her messages often.

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