Is he falling in love?

Ok.. So, this is a very complicated, long winded story so I'm gonna try my best to sum it up.

March 5th 2015 I was arrested and blah blah, I've now been court ordered to go to N. A. I fucking love it. SO. This kid shares one night, and I don't know, I felt super drawn to him, he walked outside right after his share and I couldn't help but to follow him. He introduced himself as Lucas. Ok, so since meeting him, I had prayed every day for a week for him by name, but for some reason, I kept on calling him Braden in my prayers. Fast forward a week later and this guy notices me struggling to stack a chair, he helps me and then introduces himself as Braden.. I tell him "oh that guy's name is Braden too" pointing to Lucas, and Braden says "uh. thats Lucas." TRIP OUT. B and I begin hanging out from that point on.. Clicking like crazy. I've got 60 days he's got 90, we know the deal. We know our recovery comes first.. But I spent Easter with his family, he and I go grocery shopping, out on real dates, and attend meetings together. Sex feels like love making lately, and about a week ago he said that I'm perfect for him, and that he wants me in his world but he can't go there. And neither can I. We agreed to stop hanging out but he called me only a day after telling me all that he's going through it and can't handle these emotions that are so strong that he's never had to experience clean before. I had tried a few weeks prior to distance myself from him because I felt my emotions go in tough. But he finally broke that silence too, telling me that he missed me terribly. I want to be with him, I know he wants to be with me. I think he's falling in love, I know I'm falling in love. I just want to hear what the guys have to say cos I could be jumping the gun, or something.. It just feels too perfect, minus the fact that we're both fucking crazy ass addicts in recovery.. That adds a lot of shit alone. I don't know wtf I'm wondering. I guess I want confirmation? Yeah, thats it. Thanks!


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