Does she like me or being my friend only?

she is my friends sister. And i live with her family From last years. i am 25 and she is 18. from last month she suddenly tells me about her family. told me How bad they behave with her. she is weak in English so she ask me meaning of some spelling daily. she send me good morning text everyday. when i am serious she ask what happen. when i go my home then she send me a text that she miss me And ask me that do i miss her? In evening she send me her pictures and ask how is i am looking. 2 days ago was her birthday and she was out of town so i call her to wish then she ask me - did i miss her? I am totally confused what is it mean


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  • omg same thing happened to me but with a guy, foreign language, friend, i was so confused but i didn't say anything that i wouldn't say and one time i got so pissed that he was always there, and i felt like we didn't talk that he just sent me pics and i was like I've had enough i can't take it anymore, it doesn't mean anything unless the pics are sexual, trust me


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  • I think she likes you. Only question is, do you like her?

    • Yes i like her...
      Ans she knows i have her all the photos in my phone...

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    • We are at same house

    • When she talk to me always mention her brother. I am not understanding what is it mean?

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  • Simple she has interest in you n she trust you


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