Does sex end bad?

I started seeing a guy 6 weeks ago. I have known him for 5 years and briefly dated 4 years ago. had lunch together, gone for coffee and had sex once. He wants to take it slow because he was hurt in a precious relationship.
He says it's fine if we don't have sex but I know men have sexual needs.
I was putting a lot of pressure saying, where are we gonna be in 1 year. Will we move in together etc. It freaked him out a bit.
I have now told him we will go with the flow. Not put pressure on each other and see where the universe takes us. But also have sex because we are physically attracted to each other.
I have said lets take it slow because I don't want to push him away. Does this sound like a disaster waiting to happen? Does it seem like he doesn't really like me at all? Do people start of with sex and develops into a relationship?


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