Boyfriend is unhappy?

The other day I was talking with my boyfriend about my life, and how I was slightly confused on whether I was being true to myself with what I was doing, etc.. It was nothing too intense, I kept it pretty light.. but then one thing led to another and my boyfriend told me that he has been feeling a little unhappy lately, from time to time. I asked him about it and he said that he wasn't unhappy with our relationship, but that he was just unhappy sometimes. Now, I don't know why this upset me so much, but it really did. I have no idea why he feels this way, and I wish he would tell me so I could now, and I don't know either help him, or just know what was going on. It makes me feel horrible because it makes me feel like I don't bring him enough happiness, and I just hate to know that he is unhappy, and not know why. Saying that, maybe knowing would make me feel even worse, but at least I would understand him. I'm not sure what I'm loking for here, any kind of advice really. What scares me is that I had no idea until he told me, and we spend all the time together, and he didn't tell me anything at all.. and yeh, I had no idea.


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  • There must be a lot of people just like your guy. It can be both guys and girls. They sometimes feel unhappy, but have no real idea why. Perhaps your guy is one of these

    Some people have something hidden deep in their minds that cause this, but over the years they have chosen to repress it, until the cause disappears, but the effect remains.

    From your point of view, you must feel so helpless because you have no idea what's on his mind.

    I think the only thing you can do is to support him, but don't keep asking about it. This could make him resentful. Just be there for him, and in time, it may come out and then you both can start to put it right.


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  • Did he say he was unhappy with you or unhappy with life and himself? that makes all the difference. A relationship is two people. So, unless he said you specifically, I wouldn't worry too much. Just speak to him about it and ask him what's going on.


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  • I think he's got more personal issues.


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