Why did he do this? What does it mean? Two months ago this guy started talking to me, asked me on a date.

Two months ago this guy started talking to me, asked me on a date. We met a couple days before our date on a night out and ended up sleeping together. We went on our date as planned, and because I'm at university I had to go back home for my break so since our date we had been texting and facetiming every single day. He's also outright said 'I like you' and made hints that he could see me as a girlfriend in the future. He told his parents about me, about our date. He told his friends and his cousins. I came back to see him, stayed over at his house (he still lives with parents) and then the next day he was just ignoring me. I asked him why two days later and he sent 3 consecutive texts "I'm just not interested anymore" "that weren't me" "hang on I'll speak later I'm busy". I then text him back saying "don't bother, all of this? that was cold" and he tried calling me a couple hours later but I ignored it and I haven't heard from him since. Can anyone shed some light?


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  • sorry to say girl but it sounds like he might've had 2 girls going, tried with the other. struck out so thought you'd still be interested


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