How to get a guy I met online to talk about his ideas and boundaries on sex in a relationship?

I'm not just looking for sex and don't want to end up sexting him. But I can't do the whole lets just hold hands till were married thing. This guy is shy and may be conservative and doesn't seem to have many female friends. How do I get him to talk about this coz I know he's not going to ask me anything like this? And when is too early to ask? I met him online just about 10 days ago but already met him in person after a week of texting.


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  • i believe if he's conservative i doubt he'd like sex be4 marriage basically...

    • I get that feeling from him. But how do I ask him if that is what he thinks without it getting awkward and not being out of the blues?

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  • You should only ask him that when you have gotten to know him longer than one week. Its too soon. Unless you want to put it out there next week. He's going to think you are moving too far ahead by asking this as if you're already counting the eggs in the basket


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  • Why don't you just ask him if he believes in sex before marriage? ;)

    • You are a genius, the most obvious thing but er sometimes I think too hard about stuff

    • In person or on text?

    • @asker it's not so difficult. Just say during conversation "soooooo do you believe in sex before marriage?", Then have a good exit line to quickly change the subject :)

  • who says you can't wait? If you find out he's really an amazing guy would you really let him go because of that?

    • If its literally just only holding hands he's up for I'd let him go. We really wouldn't match in that case.

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    • You seem to find it very hard to believe but yes.

    • what about asking what he things about 50grades of grey... his answer tells you more

  • try to have sex with him or sext him. otherwise you'll never find out until several months later.


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